Rugged but beautiful designs influenced by Japanese tsubas—the hand guards on 18th century Samurai swords.

When ancient smiths first used traditional techniques to craft the tsuba of a samurai sword, they knew this cross guard would be used in combat and had to stand up to rigorous punishment. But samurai were also expected to be cultured, educated, and refined... so each tsuba not only needed to be unique, but elegantly beautiful, powerful, and to represent the spirit of its wielder.


Men's Bracelets

Men's Bracelets

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Men's Rings

Men's Rings

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    Born from art and innovation, these distinctive pieces honor the essence of men and warriors throughout history.


    Forged in high-grade stainless steel, many of our pieces can stand up to any environment and any condition.


    Each piece is crafted using high-detail jewelry wax to form the finished molds, meaning you get luxury quality art.